Finding the Positive In These Difficult Times

Finding The Positive
Finding the Positive
I must admit to a touch of guilt having been so negative of late. We need to be vigilant these days because negativity and its insidious cousin depression are diseases that creep up on you – most importantly they affect how you treat the people close to you. 
The problem is the virus news is bad, everywhere, and almost impossible to ignore.  The media doesn’t help because for them ‘blood sells’ (negative news). I’ve made a conscious effort Finding the Positive by limiting my intake of negativity and I find, It helps. so, what are we to do: I have decided to remind myself of the good things happening in my life and what Ill avoid and seek out.
Dont Do’s:
Things I chose to avoid
  1. Virus ‘dashboards’ and their counts.  My wife has a habit of checking the newly infected counts when she reads her morning newspaper.  That is my humble opinion is a very self-destructive idea.
  2. The media and their incessant blaming and negativity
  3. Sad Movies/TV Shows – Frank Capra where are you?
  4. Sad Books
  5. ‘Toxic People that emphasize the Negative – I will admit I would be one in the past.
Do’s: I’ve decided to remind myself of the many good things happening in my life.
Counting My blessings
  1. My family is presently all healthy and none of my friend’s or friends’ family seem to have the virus.
  2. I have a full belly and am warm and comfy.  Many Americans take that for granted I do not.
  3. ‘Cool hand’, my rising college senior son brought home 3 As and a B.
  4. My daughter just finished a nearly flawless master’s in computer science.
  5. I’ve stuck to my careful eating and exercise plan I have lost a significant amount of weight. My new shorts are in a size that probably has not fit me in 20 years.  My A1C1 (sugar) is down as is my cholesterol.  In doing so I wore out a pair of sneakers.  I am swimming in my smaller jeans.   When I last stepped on the scale, I dropped below a target of mine and am near a decade low.  Get outside exercise if you can- It’s all good
  6. People are returning to work-virus or not in my humble opinion there is no alternative.  The anger that readily flairs up in social media is a reminder people are desperate and need to work.
  7. Lots of very gifted people are working on a vaccine – they will beat this thing.
  8. Although we are experiencing a ‘Blackberry Winter’ these last few days – summer weather is around the corner.  I am a shorts man.
  9. We have adopted this distancing thing – and are limiting our exposure.
What are you doing to fight all the negativity out there? What strategies work for you?
Please share we would love to hear your thoughts and comments.
I don’t take for granted that we are very fortunate there are too many people out there suffering.
if you are interested in taking a deliberate path to recognize negativity may I suggest my recent Blog post:  The Virus in Perspective
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