How Covid affected Our Retirement

How Covid Affected Our Retirement
How Covid Affected Our Retirement

How Covid Affected Our Retirement

I retired from a job I loved in January of 2019, that is almost a year and a half ago. Believe it or not it took me a year to ‘settle in’ to retirement. I know you are thinking what is there to settle into? It is simple: you just do not go to work.  Well, I went to work for 38 years to different jobs, and buildings but all at the same company.  Got up early, showered, shaved, dressed, grabbed a bite, and made some coffee and hit the road.

For the last couple years hitting the road often involved going upstairs to the spare bedroom office.  That is a very deep groove to climb out of but, eventually I did it.  I learned having some goals helped tremendously-mine were simple:

  1. Exercise.  I have always had a hard time coming home and hitting the treadmill.  By 6:30 PM I was all in, done.  I envy those who can do it; I just could never stick to that routine.   All that has changed I walk for over an hour each day – if it is nasty out,  I hit the exercise bike. I do this every day without fail.
  2. Diet. I have the time to eat better and we do.  Less, better (we try new recipes and we limit eating out to once a week. Usually that was pizza that costs $23 all in. Since covid we limit
    it to carry out Italian. You will notice I didn’t say dieting- I am not on a diet.  Well, I did give up booze all those hollow calories were killing me.  We just eat more deliberately. 
  3. Stay busy.  I have learned WordPress built a couple websites and did some client work and have 50 projects on my ‘notions database’ My freelancing website: Excel and VBA Craftsman
  4. Relocate – Keeping in we have a son who is a college rising senior.  I would like to relocate to a warmer climate. 
  5. Travel – we have a family home in Florida at our disposal.

The good news is my weight is down 30lbs, my sugar and cholesterol level are all down.  The new smaller shorts I wore yesterday fit loosely – they are of a size I have not fit into decades.  That belly I have toted around for years is all but gone.  Best of all I am loving retirement – I have fully accepted I do not have to go to work and that it is ok.

How Covid Affected Our Retirement
Like most of us the Virus was like a steel door swinging shut.  We stopped going for weekly pizza.  My occasional trips to Lowes and Home Depot stopped as they did not pass the “is it worth the risk” evaluation.  Oh, last week we finally went to Lowes and bought some annual flowers.  Some rites of summer cannot be ignored. In truth there was not much virus here when this all started but now there is more.  Now we are all but shut ins.

I was fortunate as before the virus hit, I had looked at our investments and thought we have really experienced some unprecedented multiyear growth, Ive heard an 11 year bull Market..  I weighed that old saying about “pigs getting burned” and sold everything in our nontaxable accounts. Some of which we have held for decades.  In my humble opinion, with 30% of the country unemployed and doubts about a “V” shaped recovery – we are in for more volatility.  So, we will continue to play it safe.  I don’t even look at the numbers.

It occurs to me that when that steel door swung shut the country was bifurcated into 2 classes: At Risk and Low Risk.  The at-risk people, say 55 and up need to remain shut in.  The low risk people need to go about their business and get the economy going.

So, to answer the question How Covid Affected Our Retirement -item #5 our plans for travel, occasional dining out and being “Footloose and fancy free” are on hold.  We will continue to limit our interactions with people as best we can.  Life tosses curveballs you just have to learn to swing the best you can.

How has covid affected your life – we would love to hear your challenges, successes and any other comments you may have.

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