Walking Your Way to A Smaller You.

Walking Your Way to A Smaller You…

7/21/2020, I am 66 today, retired, 5’11’ tall, 225 lbs., with 2 metal knees and 25lbs to go on a 55lb pound weight loss target (goal 200lbs). It started with a doctor visit where he said my sugar level was “out of control”.  Here is a brief recap of the steps I have taken since that diagnosis:

Walking Your Way to A Smaller You…
  1. Walk at least an hour each morning- if there is nasty weather get on the stationary bike in the basement.  I will watch for a ‘weather window’ and walk later in the day if the storm is expected to pass as I prefer the great outdoors.
  2. Abstain from all liquor that includes beer, wine, and whiskey.
  3. Abstain from sugary treats. I never met an Oreo i didnt like.
  4. No diet soda or drinks. no carb, natural flavored seltzers, and lots of water.
  5. limit to normal portion size and I stop eating when I am full.
All in simple, right? In the last 3 months 30 lbs. have simply melted away. thats why I call the process Walking Your Way to A Smaller You… Have you ever seen what 30lbs of fat looks like?  It is not a pretty sight.  Think about carrying a 30lb weight around with you all day. Exhausting to say the least but, that is exactly what I was doing.  So, 42 waist shorts became 40s then 38s and they are loose.  One of my goals in retirement was to lose weight and get healthy.  The doctor said on my 3-month visit “I am happy with the progress”   Of course, I wish I started 3 months earlier but getting healthy is like saving the best time to start was yesterday or earlier but if you did not start today, now. No not after lunch. Equipment One of the great things about walking is it really should not cost you a dime. No excuses just get out there and do it.
  1. A comfortable pair of sneakers
  2. tee shirts as I get drenched with sweat as its summer
  3. my phone with a Podcast app loaded on it -I prefer Stitcher.
  4. Headphones I prefer those that ride on your ears. So, I can still hear road noise. 
Getting Started
  1. I did not start out with an hour walking I built up to it.  You know what shape you are in.  When I lived on LI and worked in NYC every day there was lots of walking (and sadly waiting).  When I started working from home, I walked 20 feet from the kitchen to my office I had a sedentary lifestyle.  All my fitness went out the window. – Now the hour or so I walk seems to be over in a flash even with butt hill included.
Drive to Walk? I am pretty blessed in that I live in a beautiful hilly suburban neighborhood with large lots, plenty of wooded areas and fields, with vistas that never disappoint. I am up and out walking early to beat the heat and regularly see all manner of critters – In this last week alone I have seen a fox with an unfortunate 4-legged fellow dangling from its mouth, a big hawk and 2 painted turtles.
Walking Your Way to A Smaller You

Sometimes you simply do not have a safe place to walk near the house then by all means go to where you can walk.  If you had to bike to a track and walk that is fine just get out there and do it.

Tips for Success

  1. Roadblocks, like a 30-minute drive to walk are easy excuses not to get out there.  Make your daily walk as uncomplicated as possible.
  2. Make a loop so there is not an easy reason to quit early. So, walking around the block 20 times is not the greatest idea because you might easily call it a day after 10 laps. My normal route is a huge loop. lately I have included the infamous “Butt Hill” which adds 10 minutes to the walk.
  3. Walk first thing in the morning then you do not have to squeeze it in.
  4. Spice it up by doing known “hikes”  for example I googled “hikes +philly” and I came up with this 


Walking Your Way to A Smaller You…

Do good on your walk I can’t tell you how many nails, screws and bolts I have found on the road but I have picked them up and disposed of them lest they cost some poor soul $200 for a new tire. its my good deed for the day.

Are you walking for excercise if so tell me about how it is working for you? If your thinking about walking whats stopping you? 

Whatever you do keep walking, there is a thinner, healthier you at the end of that road.

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