Walking Journal 08/13/2020

Walking between the raindrops

This morning I woke early, just after 4 AM, I am fine with that because I am generally off to bed early and I am not above taking an hour nap in the afternoon.  Me, my cup of joe, and the old dog Dusty share some morning quiet time. I have checked the weather and it seems I have a couple hour window to get my daily exercise walk in before a change in weather is coming. 

Walking between the raindrops

 I found walking has me watching the weather carefully with an eye towards determining when I can sneak that daily walk in.  Yes that is where my reference to Walking  betwwen the raindrops comes from. We have seen it all these last few days, the remnants of hurricane Isaias allowed a fabulous, late afternoon walk in refreshing cool breezy weather. Then a few days later I got out for an early walk and later in the afternoon we had a rare, intense flash flood, with a tornado watch all of which resulted in the wash-out of a couple of the local roads.  That storm left us with a few glass fogging, soupy hot, breath stealing days.   As much as I like the summer, a high in the upper 80s or 90s with high humidity makes for some unpleasant walking conditions.  I come home from those walks desperately requiring a cool down period and a cool shower. Later in the day a wave of heat induced lethargy hits.

The good news is my weight continues to drop; The next threshold is 35lbs lost- getting below 220lbs.  I can not help but think I wish I found this simple but effective weight loss formula sooner.  I am reminded of the quote: “For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been’.”  Rather than focus on what might have been I think I will continue to rejoice in the 30 plus pounds I have already shed.

There is an unexpected benefit from my walking; I have become friendly with people in my neighborhood.  Certainly, the walkers and bikers but oddly enough people who sit out on their porches in the morning.  I never miss an opportunity to say hello and make a new acquaintance.  It is pretty often people see me and say “I see you out walking”.  Friends are like money more is better.

Walking between the raindrops
look at the size of this monster!

I found this big sheetrock type screw in the road – it had a $200 plus new tire written all over it, that is, until I sent it down the sewer.  My good deed for the day.

Whatever you do keep walking, there is a thinner, healthier you at the end of that road.

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