I’m Hired, Now What Do I Do?

That First Real Job After College

My son graduated college a few weeks ago. He successfully negotiated the gauntlet of zoom interviews and was offered a position with a vast, prestigious accounting firm. He’s not an accountant but has a degree from a well-known university in computer science. The job is in the firm’s ‘Advisory’ business. It was a great relief because he was not confident after the interviews. (He was well prepared and did several mock interviews) The phone call from the firm, followed by the loud whooping I heard, told me it was good news. I think I was just as happy as he… Continue reading

16 Suggestions After Graduating College

16 Suggestions After Graduating College

When developing this list of 16 Suggestions After Graduating College I was reminded by a contributor that each person has a different set of circumstances and he warned against generalizations.I gave this some thought, and I believe nearly every single recent graduate will benefit from several components of this list, If not all. For example, I realized some time ago with regret I would have saved a bundle if I had a roommate to share the cost rather than living alone 16 Suggestions After Graduating College is in my opinion, the first page in a strong roadmap to a reduced stress… Continue reading

Finding the Positive In These Difficult Times

Finding The Positive

a lot of focus in the FIRE community (Financial Independence Retire Early) is about reaching and determining What Is Your Fire Number. That is the amount of savings you will need to retire and not run out of money. Put another way, it is that point where you can say to the boss something wholly inappropriate. Continue reading