16 Suggestions After Graduating College

When developing this list of 16 Suggestions After Graduating College I was reminded by a contributor that each person has a different set circumstances and he warned against generalizations. I gave this some thought, and I believe nearly every single recent graduate will benefit from several components of this list, If not all. For example, I realized some time ago with regret I would have saved a bundle if I had a roommate to share the cost rather than living alone. . 16 Suggestions After Graduating College is in my opinion, the first page in a stong roadmap to a reduced stress… Continue reading

Entitlement is offensive & not a reality …

Talk of white Entitlement is just another form of racism as it lumps all whites together.  It also trivializes many years of effort.  If I started a sentence off “all blacks are…” every alarm bell should go off in your head.  Talk of “Entitlement” is no different.   The circumstances of my youth were such that my expectations were limited.  College was not a subject discussed because, no one went to college.  There was no money for college or much of anything else.  I remember once seeing $20,000 worth of my mother’s medical bills on top of the refrigerator.  Divorced and flying alone to Ohio in the… Continue reading

Finding the Positive In These Difficult Times

Finding The Positive

Finding the Positive I must admit to a touch of guilt having been so negative of late. We need to be vigilant these days because negativity and its insidious cousin depression are diseases that creep up on you – most importantly they affect how you treat the people close to you.  The problem is the virus news is bad, everywhere, and almost impossible to ignore.  The media doesn’t help because for them ‘blood sells’ (negative news). I’ve made a conscious effort Finding the Positive by limiting my intake of negativity and I find, It helps. so, what are we to do: I have… Continue reading